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The current speed of technological advancement has radically transformed business processes, calling for significant investment to be made in technology, training and innovation to ensure sustainable growth. 

In the 20th century, efficiency was the goal pursued by enterprises, with management being the most sought-after skill. But today, the new competitive environment, with technological development advancing a much faster pace, has made leadership the number one core competency.

How predictable are the results of the strategic plans in your business? How aware is your company of the new situation of the market, its competition and its clients? In short, at Nuvix Consulting we want to help you answer the key question: how must one act amid a changing and volatile environment?


Antonio Salido


Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Lourdes Bueno

Certified Translator

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting

Luis Pérez

Technology and Digital Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Iñigo Petit

Digital Business Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Paloma Galbete

Finance Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Luis Manzano

Branding Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Joyce Jove

Event Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


Javier Ferrer

Communication Consultant

Antonio Salido | Nuvix Consulting


that make a difference



Every consultant at Nuvix Consulting has longstanding and proven functional experience.

Agility / Nimbleness

We move swiftly from strategy to project execution.


We implement globally-proven innovation methods.



We offer solutions that are tailor-made for our clients.



Our working method can be easily adapted to every situation. 

Continuous learning

Ongoing training and an open corporate culture encouraging organisations to embrace collaboration.

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We are a consulting and digital transformation business offering scalable and tailor-made services to help enterprises face the challenges of the new competitive environment.