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Marketing and communication

Digital marketing is not about selling a product. It’s about making people want to buy your product or service through one of the available digital tools

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Digital marketing

We use state-of-the-art technology, which gives us full control of the main business development metrics. Thus, we can enhance the decision-making process and optimize results through strategic keyword design, optimization, analysis and adaptation of advertising and more. 


Corporate communication

At Nuvix, we manage corporate messages and media relations with a 360º approach. We design optimal strategies and execute action plans in both online and offline environments. This is supported by specialization, especially in the financial sector.

Social media

If they want to stay relevant on these platforms and create their own communities, companies need to constantly adapt their communication, design and digital marketing teams.

At Nuvix we offer a model of strategic consulting and comprehensive management of social networks. We adapt messages to each social network to create community, without losing sight of the overall strategy. Are you going to be left out of the conversation?



The website is the showcase of any company. It’s your audience’s main source of information and point of contact. It's crucial to have a strategy that conveys your message, your mission, your vision and values. But you also need a structure so search engines will find your website in response to user needs. It’s important to analyze your website and adapt it to this demanding and changing audience, and make your company the real solution.


In the knowledge that 75% of clicks are usually made on the first page of results, the challenge is twofold: getting a good positioning, but also boosting traffic to your website. 

There are several paths that can lead toto success: content, SEM, linkbuildingetc. At Nuvix, we support you throughout the whole process, including planning and analysis of results. We adapt our proposal to the available resources and capabilities. 



We take care of all communication activities, IT connections, as well as the management of all suppliers. Everything you need to hold successful events, whatever the situation, the platform or the type of meeting.  

We’re advocates of face-to-face meetings. But they’re not always possible, so we organize virtual events that meet the objectives of a face-to-face meeting. Flexible solutions that allow you to virtualize any on-site event, and have it carefully planned within a brief time span.  

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What is a value proposition in the world of finance?

Value propositions in the world of financeTabla de Contenidos A financial value proposition depends on the type of customer in each operator, and on the approach to their customers that each operator has defined. There


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