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Strategic Consulting
for SMEs

How can you evolve your business model in an environment of constant change?

We are with you in:

Strategic consulting for SMEs in business modeling

Our goal: making your company more competitive and profitable in the new economy.

Based on an initial diagnosis, we assess the state of your business. We analyze the competition, your current strategy, the technology you have and your brand positioning.

We propose scalable and innovative actions to achieve your objectives.

Strategic branding

What many of these people do not realize is that a strong, solid brand image can be far more effective to boost sales than any other action.

The people at Nuvix have 30 years of experience finding the right balance between strategy and creativity to build top-tier brands.

We study every detail of the brand: how it is positioned, its coherence with the business, its architecture and the suitability of its visual and verbal identity. But, most importantly, we connect it emotionally with the public so that it occupies a special place in their minds.

Research and analysis

We help you discover key information about all the players that affect your business, whether they are your competitors, your customers or your employees. The result? We facilitate adaptation and increase profitability and growth.

Proactiveness, analysis and anticipation. That’s who we are.

We perform sectoral, sustainability and ad-hoc studies on your company and the market. We also analyze profitability and how your business numbers compare to those of your competitors.


Grant management

Some 140 billion euros in Next Generation EU funds are being granted in Spain to back projects driving digital transformation, reindustrialization and the green new deal for clean energy.

We support you in securing grants, credits and similar deductions. You can receive a higher return on your investment and can acquire all the material and human resources you need to take your business to the top.

Learn about our unique methodology

Not only do we have the best talent and the best technology for your project: we also put ourselves in your shoes and walk side by side with your business all the way.

Rely on our strategic consulting for SMEs

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