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Digitizing Agents Digital Kit

The Digital Kit is aimed at SMEs and self-employed with between 1 and 49 workers that meet the Government’s requirements and are divided into 3 segments

These companies may receive a voucher of up to €12,000 in grants (depending on the segment they are in), to be used in solutions involving the digitization of their businesses.

In order to access these Digital Kit grants, they must do so through digitalizing agents endorsed by AceleraPyme.

Nuvix, as a digital agent, works with companies throughout the entire process of applying for the voucher as well as in the implementation of digital solutions.

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Segment I


Companies with 10<50 employees

Segment II


Companies with 3<10 employees

Segmento III


Companies with 1<3 employees


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Innovation demands new ways of working that challenge the traditional way of doing things

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