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Case studies executed by Nuvix

Business models adapted to our customers' needs and growth requirements.
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Nuvix developed and executed the strategic plan for an SME. It achieved 3.5% growth in revenue in five years.

This development plan included:

  • Rebranding.
  • Innovation management, with agile project-based methodology.
  • Implementation of new technological architecture.
  • Launch of new products and services.
  • Profitability per business unit.
  • Risk analysis and international expansion.
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Nuvix developed a marketing plan for a European multinational company, with the objective of optimizing the marketing budget. The plan achieved savings of 6 million euros and an 8% increase in revenues in one year.

For this purpose, Nuvix established the following roadmap:

  • Digitization and automation of marketing processes.
  • Customized content management plan for each client, together with product and sales areas per country.
  • Creation of a data analytics team, composed of profiles from sectors such as technology, telecommunications or data engineering.
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Nuvix developed an ambitious marketing plan for an American multinational company located in Spain. We analyzed the digital sales process and optimized the customer touch points.

To do so, Nuvix worked on the customer journey, studied their customers and carried out a segmentation based on the data study. After that:

  • We defined the web architecture.
  • We set up the call to action at each stage of e-commerce.
  • We activated the speed of possible downloads.
  • We carried SEO optimization of their website.
  • We launched SEM and programmatic advertising campaigns.
  • We actively managed their social media channels.
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Nuvix helped increase the functionality and customer touch points of a major SME. We sought to attract potential customers through information of interest: (Inbound marketing):

  • We created a blog with relevant information.
  • We developed contact forms.
  • We implemented emailing and newsletter tools.
  • We managed their social media channels.
  • We conducted a Google Analytics data analysis.
  • Studied the KPI's in detail to better understand the needs of potential customers.
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Nuvix implemented, for an SME operating in two countries, a new organization of tools for customer data management. The project involved:

  • New website: architecture and design.
  • CRM selection (Hubspot) and database management.
  • Email marketing (Mailchimp).
  • Team building.
  • Creation of a procedure manual.
  • Technological maintenance.
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Nuvix created dashboards as a decision making system (with different levels of view, objectives and decision) both for the commercial area (sales, marketing and product) and for senior management. A customer tracking system was implemented via Ipads/Iphones and paper was eliminated from the sales process. The following tools were implemented:

  • Use of CRM (SalesForce).
  • Incorporation of marketing automation tool (Marketo).
  • Web analytics measurement (Google Analytics).
  • Measurement of social networks (Hootsuite).
  • Implementation of a business intelligence tool (Tableau).
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Nuvix made use of several tools for an important SME implementing changes and innovations in favor of digital transformation, acting in both customer activations and internal culture and training.

In this case, the following implementations were carried out:

  • Sales Force.
  • Marketing Cloud, with security in the cloud.
  • Creation of a new website, with SEO optimization.
  • A new emailing and newsletter system.
  • Digital platform for events.
  • We successfully integrated webinars and teleworking.
  • Management of social media.
  • Team building.
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Nuvix analyzed the brand positioning of a multinational company and, based on our diagnosis, we recommended the appropriate marketing mix to enhance the target customer experience and brand image. The result was an 800% increase in new customers.

The following areas were worked on for this project:

  • Exclusive face-to-face events for specific customers..,
  • Training webinars.
  • Roadshows and sponsorships and webinars for educational topics or projects remotely.

Digital tracking of invitations, confirmations and new customer conversion.

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Nuvix created an analytical accounting for a multinational company in Spain. The strategy was adjusted based on the analysis, which had a direct impact on profit of an additional 18% in one year. This analysis plan included:

  • Study of revenues, direct and indirect costs of products and services.
  • Price and discount analysis.
  • Proposal for a new pricing policy, margins and discounts.
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For a multinational company in Europe, Nuvix created a program designed to measure and gauge real customer satisfaction: Net Promoter Score, in order to refine the strategy and have more information to increase profitability. The program was challenging, as it required implementation in 16 European countries. The result was an average customer satisfaction growth of +12NPS rating. Following its development and adaptation, the program was expanded in Asia and Japan.

The following areas were worked on for this project:

  • Design and explanation to senior management.
  • Partner selection.
  • Continuous training.
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Nuvix carried out an in-depth study of the website and client presentations, optimizing and updating vocabulary. This resulted in an 85% reduction in text revision time and an increase in the quality of documents and translations. The project involved carrying out the following actions:

  • Financial translations by a sworn translator.
  • Personalization of texts and contents used in customer relations.
  • Adaptation to the client's brand book.
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For a significant Spanish SME, Nuvix developed training program for senior management and for implementation teams. The aim was to optimize processes and functionality in order to achieve change management. The following was gradually implemented:

  • Design and gradual implementation of a training plan in different stages.
  • The training combined face-to-face and online training with workshops.
  • The entire plan was reinforced with digital workshops, teamwork and simulations.
  • Personalized coaching for constant follow-up.



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